The Secret to Staging Your Home for Quick Offers

If you are selling your house and you want offers immediately, you have to be willing to stage the house in a way that will get buyers excited and emotionally connected to the property. Follow these simple house staging tips and you’ll discover that it was easier to get a qualified buyer than you imagined.

Here are simple tips for staging your house like the professionals at a leading Charleston Homes for sale search,  to attract those quick offers;

Charleston Luxury Real Estate1. Focus on the exterior of your home and hire a professional landscaping service to trim trees and bushes, cu the lawn, mulch flower beds, and plant colors flowers too. Rent or hire a power washer, and scrub clean the driveway, sidewalks, siding, gutters, fence, and patio. The key here is getting people driving by to fall in love with the property before they even schedule an appointment to see the outside.

2. If you are going to be moving anyway, start boxing up all that clutter around the house and send it to a local storage facility. Clean out things you won’t be needing that are taking up space in the garage, closets, kitchen, bedrooms, because once they are gone, these rooms are going to start to look bigger as a result. The more you move now, the less you move later.

3. When you walk through a model house, you never see pictures of people on the walls. All the decor is neutral, and that is because it allows you to get emotionally connected to the house without feeling like there is anyone living there now. Do the same, take down all those family pictures and leave the house looking neutral. The potential buyers will not have to waste any energy trying to erase those images of your family from their minds.

4. Hire a cleaning service to steam cleaning carpeting and upholstery, scrub clean the tiles in the kitchen and bathrooms, wash all the windows, and wax hardwood floors. If any rooms look dated, either paint them yourself or hire a painter to get these rooms looking in the best possible condition. If anything in the house needs repair, hire a handyman to put everything in working order so the buyers are not using these instances to ask you to drop your price.

Now you know the secrets to staging your house and getting buyers emotionally connected. Try a few and see how potential buyers become more interested in putting in an offer on your home.